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Experience the never-before experienced in Boemisora!

Boemisora is located on the slope of Merbabu mountain, right in the middle of a beautiful village known as ‘Polobogo’ . It’s perfectly situated on a hill that is flanked by two rivers (Gopak & Parat) with a crystal-clear view to the southwest side of Rawa Pening. At just 20 minutes drive from Salatiga, it is an ideal getaway to spend a day off.

By the time you arrive, you will be greeted by the alluring forest atmosphere filled with an abundant variety of fruit trees and greeneries. We establish an agroforestry farming concept where existing trees are maintained and cared for together with crops and livestocks to create a sustainable environment.

Are you ready to make a joyful escape plan with us?
Well, we’ll be waiting for you here in Boemisora!


Creating a green, eco-conscious leisure destination where people can enjoy and learn about the nature in Kabupaten Semarang, Central Java


  • Providing facilities that is comfortable to experience and learn new things about nature and the ecosystem

  • Empowering the community through education and partnership to make a better world for living

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  • Now Open Balé Camp

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  • Bala Boemi

    Wondering about the people taking care of everything? We present to you our Bala Boemi. They are friendly, courteous, and skilled people who will more than willing to help you exploring the ins and outs of Boemisora while revealing to you some fantastic facts about plant and forest. Most of them are local villagers who live around Boemisora which are already equipped with necessary skills and knowledge to make sure that you will have a pleasurable time here. They always do their best and happily give you a helping hand just when you need them.

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  • Coming Soon Project

    Our masterplan will also accommodate a one-of-a-kind ecopark; it is a leisure park filled with several farming models that would be great for you and your family to immerse in a fun, engaging learning adventure!
    Hunger kicks in? Don’t worry because our restaurant is guaranteed to fulfill your appetite and satisfy your palate. There is also a greenhouse for a modern urban farming, ‘tabulampot’ garden, farm animals, playground and picnic area which are curated to give you the complete package of experiencing an enjoyable yet sustainable way of living with nature.

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